Esplendor Collection
Bem Amada


Sunny Days

Mixture of delicacy and freshness of a Summer Day, that translates the essence of

the most joyful season of the year. Sunny Collection reflects the sunshine and the

sparkling eyes with colored and funny prints, always elegant, with summer related




Feelings Collection is made by styles of rich and surrounding language, that

reproduce the well being and the feminine confidence. Detailed prints with floral

and abstract elements, that provoke sensations and express soul feelings from the

Beloved women.




Exuberance Collection is born from the vibrations of our tropical nature and

Brazilian women. Translating sensuality, sophistication and cultural wealth, there

are outstanding styles and prints made for strong personality women, that will

find in the colors and adornments, a way to express elegance and personality.




For women that prefer the unquestionable masterdom of the classics. Timeless

models, with neutral colors and exclusive adornments. Featuring Monogram print

that translate the essence of this collection: Luxury and sophistication. As well as

Splendor is the evolution of the being. Splendor women are strong, know where

they want to get, are independent, are Beloved (Bem Amada, in Portuguese). Our

collection is designed for these women that, all over the world, will identify with

the exuberance and self-confidence of all Brazilian women. With pride, we can say

that our product is completely manufactured with both Brazilian raw-material

and labor.

With resistant sole and a great variety of luxurious adornments, manual

embroidery, our sandals have exclusive prints that represent these women:

tropical and classic, strong and delicate, mothers and daughters. Beloved is

feminine power and expression. Beloved is Splendor.

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